Products by Category

UNICOM Systems has designed and developed a broad range of software solutions in many important system software categories, from Storage Management to Application Modernization to CICS Automation and more. Designed to meet the demands of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 organizations, our customers rely upon UNICOM's innovative technology and world-class support to power their business.


Application Development Tools

PowerHouse™ 4GL tools provide rapid application development enabling quick deployment of mission-critical solutions.


Application Lifecycle

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software for mainframe systems.


Application Modernization

Make sure your existing CICS and IMS applications are supported and modernized, even if they aren't supported by current IBM releases.



UNICOM solidDB® delivers extreme speed as a persistent, relational in-memory database that meets performance and reliability demands of real-time applications.



UNICOM Finance provides streamlined consolidation and budgeting, insightful analysis and forecasting, and valuable, flexible reporting in one easy-to-use, Web-deployable package.


Intelligent File Processing

File processing and security systems.


Macro-Level Interpreter

Run Macro level programs under CICS Transaction Server without the conversion cost, headaches or delay.


Network & Clustering

Enterprise CICS MRO, Sysplex, Cross system, and VTAM SNA network efficiency and tuning.


Performance Management

See what you've been missing, to measure performance, resolve problems and estimate capacity to ensure you maximize your resources.


Security Management

Security systems which ease the use of complex mainframe security servers to assist in monitoring and auditing of your valuable data and system resources.


Storage Management

Storage management solutions leverage investments in storage, maximizing utilization and performance.