AUTOMON®/LogAnalyzer - OS390

Enterprise-wide reporting solutions for host transaction systems.

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At a glance

Operate your CICS system with minimum down time and maximum throughput.

Quickly compile information useful for both problem determination and performance tuning

Clear easy to read reporting of the problems encountered within your system

Maintain optimal performance from all CICS regions

Identify storage violations and system crash conditions

Analyze AUTOMON/CICS messages

Gain performance data insights


Gain greater insights into problem causation and performance impediments.

High performance AMON001 parser

Analyzes the AUTOMON®/CICS history database (AMON001).

Intelligent conclusions

Generates reports containing conclusions drawn from this analysis.

Transaction synopsis

Synopsis report listing only the first occurrence of duplicate events.

Report based on time and date

Time and date range may be specified for reporting.

Message explanation facility

Explains system conditions causing the generation of AUTOMON messages.

Parameter explanation facility

Explains AUTOMON parameters affecting the generation of these messages.

Report Includes and Excludes

Inclusion feature allows for events to be reported only if they meet user specified criteria.

CICS file administration

File records of any file in CICS may be displayed, altered, added, deleted or browsed with the file service functions.

Report generation views

Reports for storage violations/system crash conditions, transaction abends, AUTOMON®/CICS messages and performance data.
System requirements