Innovative Software Solutions for Enterprise IT

UNICOM Systems has a broad range of solutions across many platforms. Our award-winning software spans many different operating systems and technologies including CICS Automation, System Performance, Application Modernization and more. Designed to meet the demands of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 organizations, our customers rely upon UNICOM's innovative technology and world-class support to power their business. 

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A state-of-the art artificial intelligence product that "thinks" as it diagnoses problems.

Our flagship software self-identifies CICS system problems, investigates the actual causes of the problems, and takes corrective actions dynamically so that your CICS system remains available without interruption.

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UNICOM's TeamBLUE™ brings a blend of world-class solutions and teams together with a common culture and history of customer success. Formed from several recent UNICOM acquisitions, TeamBLUE works to integrate its heritage of best practices, customer excellence and technical skills across UNICOM's divisions to deliver greater value to customers throughout the world.

System Architect

Enterprise architecture for business planning and transformation

The latest offering from our TeamBLUE™ division is System Architect, an enterprise planning solution to help you build and enhance your business and enterprise architecture. System Architect addresses all aspects of an organization's enterprise architecture including modeling, publishing, analysis and execution.

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