ITPOWERPAC® Sales Manager for Lotus Notes

Track leads, manage opportunities, understand requirements and close sales.

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At a glance

Skillfully manage a range of sales competencies to deliver your revenue goals.

Unlimited contacts with consolidated notes and history for each account

Automated activities scheduling and extensive routing and tracking

Creation of letters, memos, e-mail, faxes and other documents on the fly

Tracking of products, pricing, key contacts, activities and competition

Integrated marketing library and customer satisfaction surveys

Determine where customer objections fall in the buying cycle

Sophisticated reporting and charting

Powerful insights to improve sales activities and performance.

Understand your customer

The objections by product report reveals critical information on how your products are being received and lets you understand your customer.

Understand team members

Find out which team members are most effective at closing new business and which are best at managing current clients to align your resources.

Sales cycle analysis

Feedback to assist managers in assessing strategy and shortening the time to close.

Performance measurement

Sales cycle by product and by team member reports are critical in gauging performance and forecasting revenue.
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