ITPOWERPAC® Asset Manager for Lotus Notes

Asset lifecycle management tools for your enterprise.

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At a glance

Enterprise-level tracking and management of hardware and software assets throughout their lifecycle.

Efficiently manage all critical IT assets

Improve end user satisfaction

Capture institutional knowledge

Create asset lifecycle plans

Import details of PCs and servers running in your domains

Record, track, and maintain complete hardware and software information

Sophisticated hardware and software asset polling

Easy set-up and out-of-the-box convenience

Record, track, maintain and report

Track and maintain

Record purchase and lease details, warranty information, maintenance contracts, support contracts, and depreciation.

Hardware and software inventory

Capture information such as type, manufacturer, serial and bar code numbers, configuration, physical location, and assignee.

Domain-specific asset reporting

All asset-specific data, planned purchases, license tracking, leases, maintenance, and depreciation.
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