ITPOWERPAC® Project Manager for Lotus Notes

Increase quality, maximize resources, reduce cost, shorten time lines with an intuitive project manager.

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Centralized enterprise-wide project management in a single environment.

Fully web-enabled

With a consistent look, feel and navigation.

Consistent and predictable results

Process driven approach to all projects across the entire organization.

Templated methodologies

Allowing for quick and effortless full-project mapping.

Management view

Easy access to individual and team progress.

Schedule and synchronize

Set up meetings and synchronize with Notes mail and calendar.

Request management

Submit and track the progress of requests on an ongoing basis.

Project feasibility

Conduct and record project feasibility studies.

Project planning

Plan projects and assign activities, tasks and resources.

Document control

Manage change control documents and track issue and risk assessment and resolution.

Scope management

Change the parameters, priorities and direction of projects without starting over.

Feature management

Add and remove features to/from existing projects.

MS Project® integration

Preserve software investments and distribute information.

Enhanced charting

Powerful visualizations including Gantt charts.

Comprehensive and ad-hoc reporting

Projects, tasks, dates, resources, status, dependencies, milestones and more.
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