Scaled Agile & Portfolio Analysis

Scaled agile & portfolio analysis

Visualize and manage the flow of new features and capabilities within your application, product, and project portfolio – from ideation to analysis, implementation, and release using Kanban Charts and scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) methods.

Application & IT Portfolio Management

Have a portfolio team work together to assess the applications and technologies that run your business in terms of their business value, enhancement potential, cost, and risk. Consolidate and simply your portfolio to reduce licensing fees and maintenance costs, and improve business agility. Automatically gather team recommendations and run a workflow process so decision makers can approve recommendations.

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Project Portfolio Management

Gain a 20,000-foot view of on-going and planned projects in the organization. See how projects are performing, with visibility into each project's total expected cost, consumption of resources, expected timeline, benefits to be realized, and interdependencies with other projects. Approve an optimim mix of projects to align with business priorities, customer and internal-stakeholder requests, and market demand.

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Product Management

Enable teams of subject matter experts (SME’s) to prioritorize new features to your product using Pairwise Comparison - or allow your customers to do the same – a great way to get your customer base involved in the product-enhancement trade-off process.

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Demand Management

Manage the continuous stream of ideas, opportunities, and business demands. These range from minor enhancements to corporate applications, to major transformational initiatives based on business events, to ideas that take advantage of disruptive technologies and leap your organization ahead of the competition.

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