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Align your product and portfolio management investments with business objectives.

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Drive the needs of your business using Focal Point's product and portfolio management features.

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User access through a fully web-based solution.

Single repository

Industrial-strength off-the-shelf database.

Prebuilt templates

Product management and application, IT, and project portfolio management.

Easily customizable

Configure in line with your business processes and workflows.

Dashboard analysis

Gain a deeper understanding of your business with new insights.

Investment analysis

Built-in Monte Carlo simulator.


Harvest applications, technologies, standards, systems and data from a variety of sources of record.

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Harvest information

Collate a multitude of data from a variety of sources.

Analysis techniques

Pairwise comparison, financial planning, and investment analysis.

Dashboard charts

Roadmaps and Gantt charts to illustrate, coordinate and track projects.

Central repository

Choice of database between PostGresSQL, Oracle, and DB2.

Customizable metamodel

Create object types, property sets, relationships, and possible values.

Integrations via OSLC and REST

Create traceability links between portfolios and related requirements.

IT portfolio management

Understand what applications, systems and technologies are deployed in your organization, along with their value.

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Portfolio monitoring and reporting

Get greater oversight of what is going on in your portfolio.

Pipeline prioritization

Prioritize the new demand coming in.

Delivery planning

Planning within the constraints of people, money, and time.

Application portfolio management

Overcome typical challenges experienced with application portfolio management.

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Continuously assess applications with APM

Determine business value, enhancement potential, cost, and risk.

APM enhanced by enterprise architecture

Compare APM analysis results with System Architect application inventory.

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APM feeding project portfolio management

Create project proposals for application maintenance and cost management.

Demand & delivery management

Capture new investment ideas and demands from stakeholders in a central repository.

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Demand management

Capture a continuous stream of ideas and opportunities, and manage, prioritize and implement demands.

Delivery management

Guide efficiencies and control delivery pipelines through collaboration, communication, and transparency.

Integration with other tools in the DevOps delivery lifecycle

Helping your teams to deliver changes to the business as quickly as possible.

Project portfolio management

Gain visibility into expected project costs, timelines, resources, benefits, and interdependencies with other projects in the portfolio.

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Determine the optimal projects

Gain a high-level view of on-going and planned projects in your organization.

Web-based team contributions

Enable your staff to enter and access project information based their role.

Trade-off analysis

Automatically determine project net benefits using adjustable weighting for different positive and negative criteria.

Resource management

Specify and track resources assigned to projects and identify over-utilization issues that will lead to bottlenecks.

Product management

Make informed decisions on what products and features to build, and develop product roadmaps based on customer priorities, competitor functionality, and market conditions.

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Prioritize enhancements

Build and manage a vision for your product and prioritize enhancements.

Develop new products

Collaborate with customers to develop business cases for new products.

Develop roadmaps

Establish milestones and delivery dates of planned product releases.

Perform product portfolio analysis

Analyze product value across your portfolio to make informed decisions.

EA & portfolio management

Quickly understand how changes to your IT landscape will affect business owners, processes, services, and capabilities.

Explore EA portfolio management

Application portfolio management

Analyze and assess applications based on business and IT value, improvement potential, and risk.

Technology portfolio management

Understand how changes to your application portfolio impact your technology portfolio.

Project portfolio management

Align projects to the capabilities they enable, the business strategies they support, and the IT portfolio they change.
System requirements

Focal Point Release 7.6.1

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