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 Focal Point 7.6 Released

UNICOM® Systems, Inc. has announced the release of Focal Point version 7.6. Focal Point is a comprehensive portfolio planning solution that market-driven teams can use to make collaborative, objective decisions to deliver products, projects and services, offering the highest customer and business value. Focal Point reduces the complexity of managing information from various sources such as emails, documents and spreadsheets and provides a collaborative centralized environment for requirements, products and project data.

Focal Point 7.6 - What's new in this release?
Focal Point 7.6 introduces key enhancements improving security and access management while enhancing information management and visualization capabilities.

Take a look at some of the major enhancements in this release.
New Attribute Layout
Focal Point 7.6 introduces a new attribute layout offering great improvement in performance and usability. The following are the key features of the new layout:
•  When the new layout setting is enabled, attribute information is arranged in sections using a horizontal tab layout.
•  It is possible to create subsections within a main section.
•  Within the tabbed layout, information is loaded lazily and this provides a significant performance benefit.

The new layout option can be chosen by a regular user as a display preference. An administrator can also specify the new layout as a default setting for the view.

Information Management Enhancements
Information in Focal Point is stored and managed using attributes and views. The following enhancements introduced in Focal Point 7.6 enhance the ability to effectively manage data:
•  Link list attributes can now have default values as part of the attribute and view configurations. The ability to setup default values on link list attributes improves the usability of element creation forms in many scenarios. For example, with this enhancement it is now possible to define default roles for newly created members.
•  Disallowed items can be setup on multi-choice attributes in a way similar to choice attributes. This restriction will be applied while editing a multi-choice attribute through the UI, the Rest API and the Excel Import.
Detailed Access on Parent Folders
In Focal Point, views are used to control access to data using user roles. The detailed access setting in views allows administrators to set access restrictions on certain attributes. Focal Point version 7.6 introduces the ability to set a detailed access restriction on parent folder attributes. This restriction will be applied while editing through the UI, the Rest API and the Excel Import.
Background Jobs Page
Focal Point users can trigger time consuming tasks very often. Currently a user needs to keep their page open to check the progress of the tasks triggered by them. Focal Point version 7.6 improves the management of the background jobs by providing a new page to track the progress of the triggered jobs. Examples of background jobs include workspace import/export, Excel import/export and "copy default value" operation.
This feature greatly improves the administration of Focal Point. An administrator will be able to monitor the progress of all background jobs in Focal Point and take action when needed.
New Standard Business Rule
Focal Point version 7.6 improves customization possibilities by providing a new standard business rule called 'ConditionalLookup'. This business rule is used to perform the lookup in a lookup array by matching the value of an attribute with a given value array. The match operation returns the position of the attribute value in the value array. This position is used to retrieve the corresponding value in the lookup array. The lookup array can also contain attribute names. In this case, the corresponding attribute value will be returned.
Miscellaneous Enhancements
Focal Point version 7.6 provides the following miscellaneous enhancements:
•  Introduces the ability to display element details using a detailed view in tree, table and homepage display. Detailed views can be defined as a view level setting and invoked by clicking on individual element title.
•  Adds the ability to create a hierarchy of dynamic filters using filter groups. The hierarchy set by the administrator will be visible to all the users.
•  Adds support for HTML strike through tags (<S> and </S>) to format information stored in text attributes.
•  Introduces the ability to restrict the usage of Rest Service/Web Service API during peak hours. This can improve the availability of the system during office hours.
•  Upgrades the application server support to Tomcat 9.0.83 and JRE to OpenJDK 8.382.b05 and added support for Postgres15 as an application database.

Focal Point, along with System Architect®, is a key player in the Enterprise Architecture and Product Portfolio Management domains, helping customers make strategic decisions at the enterprise level and provide increased business value at delivery. Additionally, UNICOM has the Universal Gateway (UniGW®), a management dashboard designed to provide real-time views into operational business performance that will complement Focal Point. This approach enables strategic decision making and correlates the massive amount of data erupting from new technologies such as big data, video analysis and IOT.

To request this new release of Focal Point, please log in or register on the UNICOM Customer Portal, or email to focalpoint.support@unicomsi.com.

At UNICOM, our commitment is to ensure that ongoing research and development continue for all UNICOM software solutions and to maintain the highest standards of technical support for you, our customers.

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