An integrated suite of enhancements for z/OS TSO.

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PIE®/TSO components

Integrated PIE®/TSO components to enhance your z/OS TSO system.


Change library concatenations with dynamic on-the-fly modification.

Learn about PIE®/TSO-DynamicSteplib.

PIE®/TSO-Logon Director

Adapter for PIE®/CICS users to log on to CICS and TSO.

Learn about PIE®/TSO-Logon Director.


Ensure background application integrity and mapped data routes.

Learn about PIE®/TSO-MultiTask.


Extensive multiple session manager for TSO and adapter for CICS.

Learn about PIE®/TSO-MultiTSO.

PIE®/TSO-Network Access

PIE®/TSO VTAM application adapter.

Learn about PIE®/TSO-Network Access.

PIE®/TSO-Performance Group Manager

Set and manage performance groups.

Learn about PIE®/TSO-Performance Group Manager.


View session and capture facility.

Learn about PIE®/TSO-View.