Extensive multiple session manager for TSO and adapter for CICS.

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At a glance

Multiple session manager for TSO and adapter for CICS.

Access to up to 12 TSO applications at once—twenty four using ISPF split screen

Allows TSO jobs to run a background session while in a foreground session

Allows users to switch in and out of sessions

Greatly enhances screen switching and productivity


Productivity features that enhance the user experience for TSO application users.

Switch commands

You can use the SWITCH command to switch to the MultiTSO menu or any session.

Switch from APL/ADRS sessions

MultiTSO fully supports APL and any products based on APL, such as ADRS or the Yale Full Screen Editor.

Asynchronous switching

Switch out of a session when the application running in it is still processing a task, and return to the PIE®/TSO-MultiTSO menu.

Easy session identification

Alphabetic symbol naming for sessions.
System requirements