UCCF®/Batch for OS390

Clear and intelligent reports from z/OS and CICS.

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At a glance

Realize the benefits that UCCF/Batch provides through advanced capabilities and swift problem resolution.

Reduce hardware & software costs by 50-60%

Mitigate global CICS system outages

Accelerate terminal user response time

Automate CICS administration tasks

Dramatically reduce help desk volume

Take control your critical host transaction server


UCCF/Batch delivers features to accelerate problem determination and rectification.

History database parser

Analyze the AUTOMON/CICS history database.

Report filters

Report on specific date and time ranges.

Inclusion features

Report on events that meet user-specified criteria.

Synopsis report

List only the first occurrence of unique and duplicated events.

Intelligent advisement reporting

Generate reports containing conclusions drawn from a single analysis.

System condition explanation

Explanation of conditions causing the generation of AUTOMON messages.

AUTOMON/CICS option advisor

Explanation of AUTOMON parameters affecting the generation of these messages.

Built-in UNICOM product adapters

Detail and summary reports for storage violations and system crash conditions, transaction abends, AUTOMON/CICS messages, and performance data.
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