CICS-FileServ for OS390

The intelligent CICS file server.

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At a glance

The FileServ interface greatly simplifies the process of managing and controlling files accessed through CICS.

Fits all data for RDO file processing onto one screen

Provides help in window boxes beside the entry in question

FileServ does not require that the user knows what RDO group the file resides in, therefore, group name is only required when performing a delete or define function

Current service requests in force are displayed along with service requests the file was initially installed with and a file status of open, closed, enabled, or disabled

Ability to page backward and forward through the DFHCSD file in file name sequence without changing group names

Two multi-file displays allow all files to be viewed in file name sequence along with their associated group name

Frees resources by closing and deactivating inactive files within a pre-defined interval

Complete file status and definition information instantly available for inquiry or authorized modification

Merge or create CICS files; replace data; add, delete, modify, or print records; and modify record lengths

Place files, program names and transaction IDs in a FileServ “family” file and operate on them by family name

Powerful batch interface allows batch processing to run concurrently with CICS activity


Key CICS-FileServ features that provide simplicity and improve efficiency.

File assignment

Produces all the required file labels and file assignments needed by CICS.

Record search

Data records may be searched for the presence of a hex or character string.

Hex view and update facility

Data records are displayed in both hex and character, allowing changes to be made in either mode.

File statistics and reporting

Provides complete reporting of file definitions with up-to-the-minute statistical information.

Sequential file administration

Sequential files can be displayed, updated and searched.

Online record reformatting

Data records may be reformatted on-line using the LOCATE function.
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