Core Dashboard for All UNICOM Products



UNICOM/CENTRAL/TSO was designed as a "front-end" to all UNICOM products as well as all future products. It allows for direct access to a multitude of available applications via TSO. With installations having numerous CICS regions running, UNICOM/CENTRAL/TSO allows access to all regions without having to log on and off to each. A master display screen can be set up utilizing different colors and symbols to indicate region availability, CPU utilization, performance exceptions and critical problem conditions of multiple CICS regions in one glance.

UNICOM/CENTRAL/TSO is able to enhance the capabilities of other UNICOM products through its use of cross memory services.

For example, the user is now able to access a "frozen" region and adjust parameters to alleviate the stress condition.

Additional capabilities include display of key control blocks, control block chaining, the ability to disassemble storage and a very extensive on-line help facility.


  • Mainframe
    IBM z/Architecture and compatible
  • Operating System
    OS/390 2.10 or later
    z/OS 1.8 or later 
  • Host System
    CICS Transaction Server