ITPOWERPAC® for Lotus Notes

360° IT service management solution.

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At a glance

Streamline your work-flow and enhance scalability and performance.

Configurable, user-defined, portal and sub-portal access with executive views

Fully enabled helpdesk, call/service center support with complete ticket escalation and resolution handling

Company asset/inventory management with polling technology

Issue/defect tracking, management and resolution

IT service center workflow management

Auto-resolution and knowledge management

IT work request, task and requirements management

IT performance metrics and statistical tools

Relational report generation

Time and cost resource management

Intuitive navigation and workflow to increase IT team productivity

Complete problem overview

All IT service tasks, work-requests, projects, issues, tickets and every other category of IT operations is maintained, related and integrated.

Configurable administrative features

Allowing you to modify the text displayed, keywords allowed, notifications sent and even work-space layouts to match corporate standards.

User-friendly interface

Simple navigation to facilitate proper ticket handling, along with prompts for required fields, and call prioritization. Incident details can be automatically sent to technicians via email.

Improve overall IT service quality

Efficient use of data

Collect actionable data to improve processes, procedures and populate forums for IT education.

Effective task execution

Improve call turnaround times dramatically and reduce incident escalations.

Sophisticated knowledge base

Capture institutional knowledge to reduce duplication of effort and allow technicians to find the answers they need quickly and easily.

Client surveys

Obtain feedback from the people you service; identifying and addressing strengths and weaknesses to ultimately achieve increased user satisfaction.

Tracking and measuring tools to improve team performance

Sophisticated reporting

Allowing you to project and chart the trends that matter.

Proactively service your organization

Gain the maximum potential from every technician - and every end user.

Recurring issues

Understand which issues come up time and time again; know when peak call times are experienced and staff accordingly.
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