CICS monitoring system allowing graphical displays of CICS activity.

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At a glance

Capabilities for monitoring CICS systems in great detail.

Online CICS logging facility

Live charts of current CICS status

Display CICS system resources including the Dynamic Storage Area, files, control blocks, Trace Table, temporary storage, etc.

Utilize different colors and symbols in the master display screen to indicate exceptional conditions defined by user thresholds

Identify and display bottlenecks and performance degradation conditions to the master screen

Detailed explanations of why transactions, applications and CICS systems are degraded or crashing


Graphical displays of CICS activities at your fingertips.


Completely tailorable to your environment.


Exclusions of certain physical terminals and users.


A serious failure in the execution of the application that requires further action.

Detailed snapshot of time of failure

Dynamic storage area, files, control blocks, trace table, temporary storage.
System requirements