ITPOWERPAC® Help Desk for J2EE

Sophisticated web-based helpdesk application.

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At a glance

Solve problems quickly, easily, and avoid wasteful duplication of time and effort within your organization.

Easily generate help tickets and service requests

Prioritize tickets and notify technicians automatically by email

Capture knowledge and reduce repetitive duplication of effort

Dramatically reduce incident escalations and call turnaround times

Improve efficiency

Develop organizational insights to drive data-driven decision making.

Proactively service your organization

Get the maximum potential from every technician and every end user.

Gain vital feedback and statistics

Capture data to expose organizational strengths and weaknesses.

Sophisticated reporting

Project and chart the trends that matter to you.

Customize your training

Develop training from an understanding of issues come up time and time again.

Increase performance

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization's helpdesk function.

Enhance performance

Know when the peak call times are, and staff accordingly.

Client surveys

Get feedback from the people you service.

Increased user satisfaction

Identify and address helpdesk strengths and weaknesses.

Coaching and training function

Review, assess and enhance staff performance.

Embrace technology

Use technology-driven capabilities to support your helpdesk.

Compliant server

Built to run on any J2EE compliant application server.

Secure access

Restrict software access to specific authorized end users.

Sophisticated knowledge base

Search for problem solutions before end users get in touch.

Remote access to information

Remotely submit and check on tickets, and view outage service bulletins.
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