ITPOWERPAC® Issue Tracker for J2EE

Issue and defect tracking system.

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At a glance

Track your software defects from initial report through to resolution.

Track defects across all versions of a software product

Create tech notes and fix list publications

Provide full user guides

Manage change requests

Capture assignments and verification

Use extensive routing and tracking

Escalate time-sensitive issues

Notify users by email

Record QA testing results

Generate service bulletins

Extensive reporting capabilities

Gain powerful insights quickly and easily.

Real-time updates

Display the most current information available from the database.

Display and export

Chart, graph and export data to a spreadsheet.

Reporting and statistical analysis

By project, problem type, priority, severity, date, developer, and turnaround time.

Managers report

By defects, number resolved, resolution percentage, total time spent, and average time per bug.

Ad-hoc reporting and queries

Flexible options to allow you to access the information needed quickly and easily.

Fully web enabled

Simple and easy access, even when working remotely.

Remote web access

Testers and developers can obtain current information and report software defects remotely by accessing Issue Tracker through the web.

Granular access privileges

Set appropriate access rights to control which users can enter defects in the database, update items and view reports.

Keep staff informed

Easy access to information allows your employees to stay connected and well informed.
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