A better way to serve CICS resources with change management enhancements.

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At a glance

Manage your CICS resource definitions and environments effectively and efficiently.

Quickly add, delete, modify, find, display, and move resource definitions online with ease

Directly issue CEDA commands to access resource definitions and perform functions

Manage resources through temporary directories using the interface with RDO

Keep your documentation current, with ease, using AUTOMON/RDO pop-up windows

Assign field value limits to secure any attribute of a resource, allowing it to be modified only by authorized personnel

Search and query using masking techniques that enable you to quickly find and display the information you need

Easily document your work using the standard 58 character descriptive field and a new 720 character documentation area for each definition

Perform cross checks to find associations between resources like programs and transactions, profiles and transactions, or terminals and typeterms


Bridge the gap between what IBM offers and what you need in today's fast-paced online operations.

Central control panel

Central point of control for multiple CICS regions.

Online help system

Facilities to document and place descriptions on all resource types.

TSO interface

Direct interface connection from TSO to CICS/SEA for MVS users.

Full featured text search engine

Identify duplicate resource names and locate information in the CSD.

Multiple connectivity options

Use Export and Connect functions to handle connectivity through FEIN or MRO/ISC.

CSD change management

Effectively manage production resources with the CSD change control system.

DFHCSDUP compliance

All modifications to DFHCSDUP are performed using IBM authorized RDO interfaces to insure integrity of data.

User friendly online menu system

Use menu-driven screens with pop-up windows, action bars, and pull-down menus, all of which adhere to CUE/SEA standards.

Online import and export of CSD

Online importing of resources between CSD's and powerful online export of resources to one or more remote regions.

Mass deploy

Online dynamic installs of lists, groups, partial groups, or individual resources in local or remote CICS regions.

Directory view

Dynamic organization and sequencing of resources by name and group for easy access, quick response queries, and mass changes.

User friendly field documentation

Pop-up help windows on every field of every resource with copy and paste functionality to easily transfer values directly from help windows into fields.

Supported protocols

Connect to remote CICS systems and perform any type of maintenance to the CSD.

TSO interface using EXCI Distributed Program Link (CICS 4.1 and above)

Batch interface using EXCI Distributed Program Link (CICS 4.1 and above)

Inter-System Communication (ISC)

Front-end Processing Interface (FEPI)

Multiple Region Operation (MRO)

System requirements

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