Transfer datasets from one type of tape media to another.

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At a glance

Transfer your datasets from one type of tape media to another.

Convert both single volume and multi-volume datasets

Maintain the dataset's original statistics

Migrate an entire tape library in a single job or in a series of smaller jobs

Migrate a library of non-compacted tapes to newer compacted tapes

MediaConversion supports the full range of tape formats

Compatible with 3420, 3480, 3490, 3490E, 3494, or 3495 drives - even Optical 3480/3490s (for long term storage)

Specify the location of the destination scratch tape

Through the use of esoteric device names or an SMS storage class


Key dataset conversion, transfer and migration features.


Converts both single volume and multi-volume datasets.

Data transfer / media

Transfers datasets stored on reel to cartridge tape.

Data transfer / track

Transfers datasets between 18, 36, or 128-track tape.

Data migration

Migrates tape volumes into and out of a virtual tape system (VTS).

Data transfer with compaction

Transfers datasets on uncompacted volumes to volumes mounted on tape devices that support compaction.

Dataset property integrity

Maintains a dataset's original parameters, including job accounting.

Large scale migration

Provides Control file parameters to migrate an entire tape library with a single job or in series of smaller jobs.

Micro scale migration

Provides options to stack single volume datasets on the output tape or simply duplicate the tapes without stacking.

Dynamic TMC update

Updates the TMS TMC with new volume information.

Tape Robotics

CARTS supports tape robots and their accompanying software from these vendors.

StorageTek HSC

Memorex (SUTMYN) LMS


System requirements