Temporarily redirect tape datasets to disk for scheduled jobs.

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At a glance

Temporarily redirect tape datasets to disk when needed for a scheduled job.

Redirects tape datasets transparently, without JCL changes

Reduces the number of tape mount requests when dataset I/Os are satisfied from disk rather than tape

Off-loads datasets to tape using standard CARTS-TapeStacker processing

Fewer tape mounts are needed because datasets are stacked when they are written to tape


Key dataset control features.

Datasets can be read directly from tape after they have been stacked

Datasets do not have to be loaded back to disk to be read or written

You control the number of DASD volumes allocated

You control which datasets are redirected or written directly to tape

All original creation job statistics are maintained in the TMS Tape Management Catalog (TMC)

Leaves the MVS catalog in control

Tape Robotics

CARTS supports tape robots and their accompanying software from these vendors.

StorageTek HSC

Memorex (SUTMYN) LMS


System requirements