A suite of z/OS software solutions designed to manage your removable storage media.

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The CARTS suite

Using CARTS to manage your removable media will significantly reduce your need for additional tapes, tape hardware and racks.


Optional CARTS component that offloads sequential disk datasets and stacks them to tape.

Learn more about CARTS-DiskStacker.


Optional CARTS component that reduces the number of tapes physically inserted and ejected from a robot.

Learn more about CARTS-LogicalEject.


Optional CARTS component that transfers datasets from one type of tape media to another.

Learn more about CARTS-MediaConversion.


Optional CARTS component that temporarily redirects tape datasets to disk when needed for a scheduled job.

Learn more about CARTS-MountEliminator.


Analyzes the TMS Tape Management Catalog (TMC) and generates jobs that combine two or more tape datasets onto a single output tape.

Learn more about CARTS-TapeStacker.