Combine two or more tape datasets onto a single output tape.

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At a glance

Combine two or more tape datasets onto a single output tape.

Consolidate single dataset and single volume tapes onto a single volume

Increase tape usage (on average from 20% to 95% of capacity)

Return tapes to the scratch pool after their datasets are stacked onto another volume

Minimize the number of active cartridges and maximizes your silo's capacity

Get the most throughput possible out of your investment in silo technology

The quickest way to bring the most data to your DR site


Key tape dataset analysis features.

Loop detection

System loop detection and application loop correction.

Short-on-storage prevention

Prevent 'short on storage' and reduce 'program compression' cycles.

Auto adjust MXT / AMXT

Adjust the MXT, AMXT and cushion size values dynamically.

Dynamic system relief

Relief for system stress conditions.

Artificial Intelligence

Storage violation detection and correction.

System / user abend settings

Automatic recovery of system/user abends. (U305, U409, U602, U615, etc.).

Processing frequency logging

Average transaction rate, file I/O rate, VTAM I/O rate and aux temporary storage request rate capturing.

System degradation watch

Detection of exception and degradation conditions.

CICS resource change log

Automatic logging of CICS changes.

SysPlex and MRO/ISC compatibility

Monitoring of multi-CICS system activities through CICS and TSO/ISPF.

Online messages

Online access to messages and abend codes.

History database

Logging facility (History Database).

Central control panel

Online generation of AUTOMON system table.

Ease of use and installation

No APF authorization required, no IPL is required to install the product and no user SVCs and no operating systems exits.

Tape Robotics

CARTS supports tape robots and their accompanying software from these vendors.

StorageTek HSC

Memorex (SUTMYN) LMS


System requirements