The friendly approach to creating secure menus.

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At a glance

Optional PIE®/CICS component that offers a more friendly approach to creating secure menus.

Organize and structure your transactions

Increase control over transaction processing

Determine what options a user is authorized to using dynamic menus

Control workflow and logic within your CICS applications

Secure portions of transactions

Simplify access to applications


Create menus across all applications without the need for customization.

Dual levels of secure menus

You have two levels of security for each menu line: protect menu lines based on your external security rules and on Dynamic Menus internal security. Menu line security can be re-checked for each user at regular intervals.

VTAM application ready

Access VTAM applications in other sessions. There are three commands to switch sessions: TSWITCH, PASS, and ACCESS. Logging on and transferring control to another region can be automatic and completely transparent.

Transaction stacking

Stack multiple transactions to execute in sequence. If transactions don't require terminal input to end, they are executed immediately similar to a CLIST in TSO.


Use AutoEnd to eliminate the CICS blank screen. AutoEnd will also return control to the menu when a transaction ends.

Complete menu customization

Customize menus with user-defined titles, comments, and variables such as terminal ID, user ID, time, date, etc.

Fast-path support

Fast-path through menus: for instance, 3.1 will select item #3 on the current menu and item #1 from the next.

Dynamic Menu API

Use our API to incorporate Dynamic Menus into home-grown applications.

Create user scripts

Execute scripts from a menu to automate end-user processes.

Dynamic transaction routing

Execute the same transaction on multiple CICS AORs and transactions that aren’t defined in the TOR.

Auto select one line menus

If only one menu line remains after menu line security, that menu line can be selected for the user automatically.

Help and tutorial system

Create tutorial menus, bulletin boards, help, and news files—making your system more user-friendly.
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