Access up to 99 simultaneous applications running in separate sessions.

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At a glance

Optional PIE®/CICS component that provides access up to 99 simultaneous applications running in separate sessions.

Up to 99 simultaneous applications

Central control of CICS applications

Advanced enterprise-wide security integration

REXX program and script implementation


Secure, flexible, customizable, and centralized control of your mainframe CICS environments.

Sessions menu

Set up default session menus and customize at user, group, and system levels.

Single sign-on

Seamless passing of user credentials via the Logon Director to avoid subsequent sign-ons.

Eliminate blank CICS screens

Prevent the CICS blank screen being shown to users to minimize helpdesk calls and limit user experimentation.

Transfer screen data between sessions

Improve the user experience and productivity through data copying from one session screen to another.


Perform repetitive tasks using scripts created through keystroke recording that are then further enhanced with substitution variables.

System access and control

Control who can sign on and what access users have to system resources and devolve group administration as and when necessary.
System requirements