PIE®/CICS-Availability Plus

Dramatic CICS transaction response time improvements.

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At a glance

Optional PIE®/CICS component that delivers dramatic CICS transaction response time improvements.

Solves typical load balancing problems by allowing multiple AORs to process similar transactions

If a single application has an extremely heavy load, isolate it and duplicate the work across several AORs

Provides more capability to distribute work evenly across your AORs

Reduces the required number of AORs users create for their systems

Reduces total paging in your MVS system to improve response times

Decreases application downtime when a CICS region suffers an abend


Introduce automated and unattended operations to manage your CICS workloads more effectively.

Even workload distribution

Reduce total AORs by distributing CICS MRO AOR workload evenly.

Application isolation

Heavy load application isolation and spanning onto several AORs.

Outbound AOR assignment

Transaction grouping and outbound AOR assignment.

Load balancing groups

Create and name groups for load balancing.

Dynamic workload balancing

Intelligent routing of transactions to the AOR with the least workload.

Always on backup AOR

Initialized and readily available, proactive online backup AORs.

PS/2 CICS support

PS/2 transaction routing support.

Network monitoring capability

Network monitor.
System requirements