PowerHouse® 4GL

High-productivity application development solutions.

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PowerHouse 4GL provides traditional terminal and terminal emulator based syntax development.

Portability across platforms

Designed to run on a wide variety of application servers, protecting investment of your existing platform.

Specification-based development

Quickly create programs to control how default PowerHouse business processing models are applied to your data.

Simple or sophisticated

Override the default application with the robust procedure language, tailoring to your precise business requirements.

Access to corporate data resources

Through a powerful data dictionary that corporate applications will read or write.

PowerHouse® Web

Intuitive Web interface allows deployment of advanced data-driven solutions to the Internet or intranets quickly and easily.

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No time for 3GL-based tools

Develop applications and generate an HTML interface with PowerHouse 4GL or Axiant 4GL, then deploy to the Internet or intranet with PowerHouse Web.

Increased reliability and scalability

Scalable, distributed architecture allows you to locate your Web, application and data servers anywhere in a heterogeneous network.

Axiant® 4GL

Axiant 4GL provides a robust visual IDE for PowerHouse solutions.

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Build once, deploy many times

Create solutions in a Windows based environment and deploy according to application need and available infrastructure.

Object-based development

Sophisticated object-based visual development environment enabling developers to create applications quickly and pinpoint errors easily.

Offline development

Multi-user object repository allowing easier management of team development projects and continued productivity when working remotely.

Reuse rather than replace

Automate the migration of your server-based Powerhouse applications to new client/server or relational database environments.
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