UNICOM® Finance

Streamlined consolidation and budgeting, insightful analysis and forecasting, and valuable, flexible reporting.

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At a glance

A complete framework to help you understand and monitor the financial performance of your organization.

An enterprise-wide financial application

Integrates multi-currency budgeting, forecasting, and reporting.

Consists of several modules and a Web interface

That you can use to enter data into the system.

Create reports and budgets

Distribute them over a LAN, the Web, or on secure intranets or extranets.

Retrieve data from the system

Create new systems, maintain the system, and control system security.

Results are processed and stored

In a central repository - this is your UNICOM Finance system.


UNICOM Finance addresses the complete financial process.


Benefit from dynamic management financial statement reporting via the web.


Manage the process of distributing and gathering budgets from all stakeholders.


Develop business models that predict and quantify future corporate performance.


Streamline weekly, monthly and quarterly processes.


Integrate up-to-date actuals and gather new forecasts.

Compare metadata

See what administrative settings and database structures have changed since a previous date.

Command line improvements

Find out which users are in the system and the module they are in.

Printing lock attributes

Make identification of locked periods easier.

Allocation logging

Allows logging of start/end times of each allocation.

Format dependency reports

Formatting option allows you to force the children to be indented even when the totals are at the bottom.

Export of components

Select the pages to export if more than one page on the report. Calculated pages are shown but not exported.