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UNICOM Finance™ 16.0 released

As a valued customer, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you the latest news regarding UNICOM® Finance. We are proud to announce the General Availability release of UNICOM Finance 16.0.

UNICOM Finance has long been a part of any Digital Transformation strategy. This begins with completely automating the consolidation and reporting process, which removes unnecessary manual work, and can reduce consolidation time by a factor of five or more. It also acts as a corporate finance layer - combining data from disparate systems such as multiple general ledgers, AP and AR systems, HR and sales management systems, etc. - giving you a centralized view of your finances. Pairing UNICOM Finance with the UNICOM® Universal Gateway (UniGW®), a management dashboard designed to provide real-time insights into operational business performance, continues the Digital Transformation journey by providing you a single portal into your multiple applications, data sources, and technology platforms, which delivers an enterprise-wide view of your entire organization.

UNICOM Finance 16.0 provides the following enhancements:

New Audit Capabilities: The administrator can turn on auditing to log whenever a user enters any module and/or whenever data is changed. The audit information includes the date/time, system information, user information, module information, and which submission has been updated. The audit information may be written to a simple CSV file or to a SQL database.
Remove Items from Calculations: A new menu option has been added to Define Items that allows the administrator to remove an item from its parent calculation by choosing the item to remove instead of by editing the calculation.
Employee Pad: You may now paste dates into the Employee Pad input screen.
Update Wizard: The batch (.BAT) and JavaScript (.JS) files created by the Update Wizard will now log their progress to a text file in addition to placing it on the screen. They have also been modified for improved readability.
Define Items Command Line: You can now import new pointer submissions or ensure two submissions have the same hierarchy using the command line. All Define Items command line actions are now logged to the log file.
Error Logging and Debugging: Various improvements were made to help pinpoint any run-time errors. These include settings to record more detailed information due to file access errors, database access errors, and errors creating .XLSX files.
The error log is now stored in the users TEMP directory, instead of their OUTPUT directory, to ensure that it is local and will not be affected by network issues. Upon closing any module, any errors will be moved from the error log in the TEMP directory to the one in the SYSTEM OUTPUT directory so that they can be easily accessed.
Integration with UNICOM Universal Gateway: Live UNICOM Finance data can now be displayed in the UNICOM Universal Gateway alongside information from other data sources and applications.

You can request this latest release of UNICOM Finance on the UNICOM Customer Portal, or by emailing unicomfinance.support@unicomsi.com.

At UNICOM, our commitment is to ensure that ongoing research and development continue for all UNICOM software solutions and to maintain the highest standards of technical support for you, our customers.

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