SSA - TSO option

Simplify TSO RACF administration.

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At a glance

Benefits when administrating RAFC using SSA-TSO.

Administration of userid, password, group, connect, dataset, resource and more

Direct RACF administration without Group SPECIAL, Global SPECIAL, or other authority

Comprehensive, dynamic and completely customizable setup


Powerful TSO RACF administration features that save time and improve responsiveness.

Full security server field support

SSA supports all features, fields and segments in security server.

Security server information offload job

Create custom offload jobs for users with built-in security checking.

ISPF tables only

All security server information storage is ISPF based. This allows SSA to be easily upgraded and enhanced.

Batch or online

Utilize the power of generic searching to generate reports in batch or online mode.

Extended or standard searching

Generic searches use standard ISPF searching or SSA's extended searching.

Adhoc report generation

Dictate exactly how the report format should turn out.

Adhoc command generation in batch

Utilize the versatility and power of adhoc report generation in batch.

Select and scroll

Select as many table displayed entries as you wish.

Sort by multiple fields/orders

Sort online generic search displays by up to 8 fields, each with its own order.

Long and short displays

The generic search result displays have a short or long display option.

Expanded search fields

Benefit from a tremendous variety of online generic searches with all new security server fields included.

Schedule generated commands

As with all other functions, send generated commands to the SCHEDULER.
System requirements