An integrated suite for monitoring programs at run time and reporting on key behavioral aspects.

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At a glance

PurifyPlus is a runtime analysis tool suite that monitors your program as it runs and reports on key aspects of its behavior.

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For memory usage tracking and memory error detection.


For performance analysis, code flow, and thread visualization.


For source code coverage analysis.

Runtime analysis

In the program development cycle.


Application reliability and performance features.

Advanced memory debugging

Locates the cause of memory corruption errors providing detailed information.

Memory leak protection

Improves memory utilization and speeds debugging time.

Application performance profiling

Highlights application performance bottlenecks and improves application understanding.

Binary instrumentation technology

Allows integration with third-party libraries without needing access to source code.

Code coverage analysis

Identifies untested code with line-level precision.

Usage examples

The major goals of debugging are to find the root cause of defects and understand application behavior. Runtime analysis provides additional capabilities that supplement traditional debugging.


Of application execution.

Learn about visualization.


Of vital runtime parameters, including memory usage, performance, and code coverage.

Learn about measurement.

Error detection

In user code.

Learn about error detection.


Of runtime behavior.

Learn about documentation.

Product editions

Three editions of PurifyPlus are available.

PurifyPlus Enterprise Edition

A packaged bundle of PurifyPlus for Windows® and PurifyPlus for Linux® and UNIX®.

PurifyPlus for Linux and UNIX

A dynamic software analysis toolset for UNIX-based C/C++ development.

PurifyPlus for Windows

A dynamic software analysis toolset for Windows application development.
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