360° IT Service Management Solution

ITPowerPacFull_65.jpgIn today’s fast paced environment, IT professionals need to manage greater volumes of work in less time with fewer resources; and they can’t afford to sacrifice customer expectations.

Solving problems and getting back in the race quickly while simultaneously improving service quality is a key ingredient for companies that value performance.

To meet that challenge, UNICOM’s ITPOWERPAC® for J2EE Service Management Suite provides the tools you need to efficiently manage the process and flow of all critical IT responsibilities and tasks, increase user satisfaction, capture institutional knowledge, and efficiently solve problems.

ITPOWERPAC® for J2EE fills the need for greater connectivity, integration and simplicity while increasing productivity and IT staff efficiency, providing enhanced scalability and superior performance.



UNICOM’s ITPOWERPAC® for J2EE Service Management Suite streamlines work-flow, improves the quality of the work and improves productivity. The advantages add up to greater overall efficiency and reduced costs.

Intuitive Navigation and Work Flow to Increase IT Team Productivity

ITPOWERPAC® for J2EE manages work-flow the way you manage work flow. You can change both workflow and all technician and end-user views. You can have software that’s exactly right for your environment.

Regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish, all IT Service tasks, work-requests, projects, issues, tickets and every other category of IT operations is maintained, related and integrated to give you a complete picture of the problem and solve it in the shortest time.

Fully configurable, administrative features allow you to modify the text and view formats, add fields, forms and even work-space layouts to match corporate standards.

Navigation is user-friendly and straight-forward; facilitating proper ticket handling and resolution. Prompts and required fields indicate “must-have” data important to your organization.

Calls for help are prioritized, and technicians can be automatically notified by email or pager. Mission-critical problems get solved first. 

Thorough and Feature Rich 

It’s all here. UNICOM's ITPOWERPAC® for J2EE Service Management Suite isn’t a light-weight, off-the-shelf application. You get all the functional capabilities and features to improve IT operations and overall IT support for your business.

Improve overall IT Service Quality 

ITPOWERPAC® for J2EE puts data to work and does more than track and manage, it collects actionable data to improve processes, procedures and provides a forum for IT education.

Our sophisticated KnowledgeBase captures institutional knowledge and reduces duplicate effort on repetitive issues. Solve a problem once and then automatically resolve similar issues with the click of a mouse. Technician's find the answers they need at their fingertips. Escalation is reduced, and call turnaround time decreases dramatically.

Client surveys allow you to get feedback from the people you service. Identifying and addressing strengths and weaknesses leads to increased user satisfaction. Further, an automated Coaching and Training function gives the helpdesk manager the tools needed to assess and enhance their staff’s performance.

Tracking and Measuring tools to Improve Team Performance 

Your IT department is a repository of vital feedback and statistical data, which indicate organizational strengths and weaknesses. When this information is properly filtered and understood, the result is increased efficiency and superior performance. ITPOWERPAC® for J2EE has sophisticated reporting that allows you to project and chart the trends that matter. You can proactively service your organization and get the maximum potential from every technician - and every end user. Understand which issues come up time and time again, and customize your training. Know when the peak call times are, and staff accordingly.

Superior performance and security 

Security in UNICOM Enterprise Applications

UNICOM enterprise application security makes use of several technologies, including Java Authorization and Authentication Service (JAAS). JAAS provides a flexible and scalable mechanism and serves two purposes:

  • Authentication of users to reliably and securely determine who is executing the application.
  • Authorization of users to ensure they have the permission required to perform certain actions.

UNICOM applications secure data by:

  • Requiring a single user id and password to access the database server. Data access is controlled programmatically.
  • Protecting against code-injection and malicious code scripting via the use of prepared statements when accessing the database.

In addition, the applications enforce the end-user license agreement (EULA) using a license management system with multiple checkpoints, adding protection against violating the EULA. It ensures that the application adheres to constraints set forth by the purchased EULA, mitigating the risk of illegal use.

Security in J2EE 

UNICOM’s ITPOWERPAC® is a J2EE Compliant Application. Components within the J2EE platform include Java Application clients, servlets, JSPs and EJBs. UNICOM implements the J2EE platform containers that provide the runtime services and support for these components.

Security in WebSphere

WebSphere Application Server provides a unified, policy-based, and permission-based model for securing Web and Enterprise Java resources according to the J2EE specifications. Specifically, Version 5 complies with J2EE specification Version 1.3 and has passed the J2EE Compatibility Test Suite.

Flexible and scalable to meet your needs now, and in the future 

Many structured-process applications are simply incompatible with proven organizational methodologies. For an IT team to both streamline support processes as well as reduce the costs to manage the service department, a service management application must be flexible and completely administrable.

ITPOWERPAC® for J2EE provides complete flexibility for IT technicians to configure everything within the application from custom fields, required fields and drop down text to the information displayed to end users, access levels and even their application visual themes.

Further flexibility is provided in our unique charting and reports wizard which provides a view into any data point with the application. This kind of flexibility means you can personalize your view and your workspace to meet the specific idiosyncrasies of your industry, company and department.


Sometimes you need more. UNICOM's ITPOWERPAC® for J2EE provides enterprise level Service Management with uncompromising functional capabilities and the highest degree of process sophistication.

Through state-of-the-art programming and technical expertise, UNICOM has created a solution that not only contains the features demanded by IT professionals, but also provides the unparalleled performance, agility and flexibility to leverage those features and improve Service Quality.

ITPOWERPAC® for J2EE provides the following major function & benefits:

Executive & Sub-level Portal Views

  • Fully configurable entry-point for all users that can be set as home page with a choice of visual displays
  • Data-display configurable to specific users preferences
  • Selection of multiple page layouts
  • Navigation and access to all Functional Domains from Executive Dashboard
  • Major Functional Domains are separately configurable as sub-level portals
  • Completely relational charting and reporting
  • Drag-and-drop Personal folders for immediate access to your projects, tasks, tickets, and more
  • Web-style "breadcrumb trail" quick-reference identifies your location within ITPOWERPAC® for J2EE
  • Multi-level administrative section allows users, with the appropriate permissions, to create custom fields to:
    • Modify sections with Functional Domains
    • Add fields to "work-spaces"
    • Add selection criteria to drop-downs
    • Modify terminology to meet industry/company specifications and norms

Helpdesk/Call Center Support and Resolution

Browser based (web-based) application with clean, intuitive navigation and work-flow

  • Help Ticket generation by both internal and external users
  • Automated or manual Technician dispatch
  • Automated or user-defined escalation
  • Sophisticated KnowledgeBase:
    • Additional links to web resources such as RightAnswers
    • Internal FAQ
  • End user self-help through the Internet, Intranet and Extranets
  • Task tracking
  • Service contracts
  • Asset management
  • Database of technicians, callers, and documentation
  • Online help request posting forum
  • PDA, Mobile Device, Pager integration
  • Immediately ready to use; no extensive setup
  • Work order creation and Task Tracking
  • Supports both internal IT helpdesks and external customer service
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Helpdesk technician coaching and training
  • Complete Internet, Intranet and Extranet compatibility
  • Extensive routing and tracking

Domain-Specific Helpdesk Reporting:

  • Ticket
  • Caller
  • Company
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Escalated
  • Problem type
  • Asset
  • Technician
  • Date
  • Much More

All standard reports can be cross-referenced and generated by time: hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.

Extensive performance statistics by technician, problem type, caller, month, and day.

Asset Manager

Records and tracks complete hardware and software information by:

  • Type
  • Manufacturer
  • Serial and bar code numbers
  • Configuration
  • Physical location
  • Assignee
Track and maintain:
  • Purchase and lease data
  • Warranties
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Depreciation
  • Support contracts
Additional Benefits:
  • Unique and sophisticated hardware and software asset polling feeds all user profiles
  • Documentation library
  • Training and classes, and circulating library items
  • Integrated link to Microsoft SMS
  • Full internet compatibility
  • Out-of-the-Box convenience
  • Easy set-up
Domain-Specific Asset Reporting:
  • All asset-specific data
  • Planned Purchases
  • Leases
  • Maintenance
  • Depreciation
  • License Tracking
  • Ad-hoc reporting and queries

Issue and Defect Management

  • Track defects in the various versions of a software product
  • Bug submissions automatically tracked from initial report through resolution
  • Multiple views by project:
    • Status
    • Assignee
    • Priority
  • Change request management
  • Technote/fix list publication
  • Assignment and verification
  • Extensive routing and tracking
  • Escalation
  • Full user guide
  • Full email notification
  • QA testing
  • Service Bulletin generation
  • Testers and developers can obtain current information and report software defects remotely by accessing Issue Tracker through the web
  • Anyone with a browser and the appropriate access privileges can enter defects in the database, update items and view reports
  • Your people stay connected, and informed

Domain-Specific Issue Reporting:

  • Real-time updating to most current information in the database
  • Ad-hoc reporting and queries
  • Report data can be charted, graphed and exported to a spreadsheet
  • Reporting and statistical analysis by:
    • Project
    • Problem type
    • Developer
    • Priority
    • Severity
    • Month
    • Turnaround time
    • Date range
  • Managers report view by:
    • Defects
    • Number resolved
    • Resolution percentage
    • Total time spent
    • Average time spent per bug

IT Work/Task request & Requirements Management 

  • Seamlessly associate tasks to help tickets, issues and their resolution
  • Work order creation and Task Tracking
  • Bring consistency, predictability and procedure within departments and individual projects
  • Progress monitoring
  • Schedule meetings and synchronize with email and calendar
  • Resource management
  • Time
  • Expenses
  • Resource allocation
  • Integrated Change-Management
  • Easily integrates with enterprise systems such as Oracle, SAP, and JD Edwards

Reporting, Charting & Analytics

  • Executive level reporting capabilities through Executive dashboard
  • Color-coded "health" views for top-level report status on critical team operations
  • Comprehensive selection of pre-formatted reports within each functional domain
  • Relational reports that tie critical data across functional domains
  • Ad-Hoc reports wizard provides user-defined data fields to be selected for any reporting across ITPOWERPAC® for J2EE
  • Custom fields, modified in the user administrative section of the application, can also be reported on
  • Filters to refine and segment data for analytical reporting
  • View options allow for:
    • Imbedded charts, separate page charts or chart exporting
    • 2D, 3D pie, bar and stacked bar
  • Track user, partner and tech experiences and capture qualitative data to improve overall service quality 


  • Icon - Asset Management.png


    Optional component that gives you the tools to track and manage your hardware and software assets throughout their life cycle, while giving you critical information about all assets in your infrastructure.

  • Icon - Question Mark - Gray.png


    Optional component that provides collaborative and integrated tracking of software and IT issues/incidents and promotes improved time to resolution for critical components of your IT Service operations.

  • Icon - Faqs - Gray.png


    Optional component that provides comprehensive and sophisticated bug and defect tracking solution that offers project managers, developers and quality assurance teams continuous monitoring and assignment of defects, from initial report through to resolution, for various versions of projects or products.