360° IT service management solution.

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At a glance

Streamline your work-flow and enhance scalability and performance.

Explore all features in detail.

Efficiently manage the process and flow of all critical IT responsibilities and tasks

Capture institutional knowledge

Efficiently solve problems

Increase user satisfaction

Improve overall IT service quality

Put your enterprise data to work to surface new insights and opportunities.

Efficient use of data

Collect actionable data to improve processes, procedures and provide a forum for IT education.

Sophisticated knowledge base

Solve a problem once and then automatically resolve similar issues with the click of a mouse.

Enforceable EULAs

Add protection against violating end user license agreements by ensuring constraints are adhered to across multiple checkpoints.

Flexible and future-proofed

Configure everything within the application from custom fields and drop down text to access levels and visual themes.

Client surveys

Obtain feedback from the people you service to highlight strengths and weaknesses and drive increased user satisfaction.

Coaching and training function

Provide your helpdesk manager with the tools needed to assess and enhance their staff’s productivity and performance.

Tracking and measuring

Capabilities that facilitate team performance improvements.

Sophisticated reporting

Project and chart metrics and trends that matter.

Proactively service your organization

Maximize potential for every technician and end user.

Identify recurring issues

Understand which issues come up time and time again.

Manage busy periods

Proactively identify peak call times and staff accordingly.