UNICOM® Systems, Inc. Releases UNICOM Digital Transformation Toolkit (UDTT™) 10.4


MISSION HILLS, CA – April 3, 2023 – UNICOM Systems, Inc. has announced the release of UNICOM Digital Transformation Toolkit (UDTT™) 10.4. UNICOM Digital Transformation Toolkit supports faster multichannel application development, especially for the banking industry. It provides runtime infrastructure based on IBM WebSphere Application Server to deliver targeted, multichannel marketing campaigns for retail banking. UDTT provides a development environment with design templates to support high-volume and transactional-oriented banking functions.

UDTT helps modernize legacy applications. It is a component of UniGW DX Software that provides Digital Transformation and Legacy Application Modernization solutions. It is a pragmatic infrastructure designed and built so that existing mission-critical systems can evolve rather than be replaced.

New feature
UNICOM® UDTT™ 10.4 - What's new in this release?

The new release, UNICOM Digital Transformation Toolkit 10.4, helps general business to integrate legacy applications with new technologies, and then quickly accomplishes the digital transformation.

Take a look at some of the major enhancements in this release.

New feature
UDTT™ Migration Tool Enhancement
  • Enable UDTT 6.x and 8.x to UDTT 10.x migration.
  • Rule based tool to update UDTT Libraries, XML definitions, UDTT JSP tags and UDTT APIs.
  • Help customers reduce more than 95% effort in code and definition changes.
  • Reduce error prone possibilities created by manual operations.

New feature
New Universal Application Guideline & Sample
  • Introduce common program guidelines and samples to develop client applications or programs to access UDTT Server efficiently.
  • Lightweight client sample support with latest front-end technology, including:
    • Browser (React based) Apps with PWA support.
    • Desktop (Electron based) Apps for macOS, Windows and Linux.
    • Mobile (Cordova based) Apps for Android and iOS.

New feature
UDTT™ Open API Online Test Tool Enhancement
  • Analyze information from runtime XML for legacy customer, including id, type, context etc.
  • Provide formatted JSON data presentation for operation/flow.

New feature
Session Context Failover Enhancement for Cloud Environment
  • Enable every level of context to be serialized by default.
  • UDTT Service serialization support in context reference.

New feature
Underlying Software Concurrency Certification
  • Latest Application Server support (WebSphere Application Server V9.0.5.x, WebSphere Application Server Liberty V22, Apache Tomcat V9.0.x).
  • Latest browser support for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.
  • Embedded Eclipse version upgrade (from March 2019 to March 2022).
  • Windows 2016 support.

What distinguishes UDTT from other frameworks?

  • UDTT is a framework specified and optimized to financial channel applications.
  • UDTT is a complete framework to cover the characteristics of financial channel applications.
  • UDTT has integrated tooling to create a financial transaction covered from front to end.
  • UDTT provides common services across channels and solution templates base on its framework and tooling.


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