Leadership Through Technology Summit

At the UNICOM Technology Park, Chantilly, VA :: April 20, 2017

The Leadership Through Technology Summit, hosted by IBM and UNICOM Global, will explore how the IBM mainframe and Power platforms are helping forward-thinking organizations to drive innovation, manage growing IT workloads and improve digital communications.

Technology Innovation Summit hosted by UNICOM Global and IBM

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 8:00          Reception and coffee
 8:30          Welcome and introduction  8:45          Keynote: Leadership through technology and the role of IBM systems in digital transformation
The evolution of IBM systems over the last 50 years has crossed multiple technology waves, none greater than that of the digital transformation wave. This keynote examines how innovation has forced organizations to digitally redefine their existence in order to survive.
 9:30          Embracing emerging technologies to drive innovation and business transformation
Emerging technologies make an interesting read, but how big a part do they play in your business strategy. This session will consider several of these potential game changing technologies and show the value they could bring to your organization to improve agility, increase levels of management information and provide more insight to one of your organization’s greatest assets, data.
 10:00        Coffee
 10:15        Management dashboards: taking performance from the backroom to the executive office
Technology is key to supporting any organization and its true value should be visible at the c-level, but not just as a cost. This session will discuss the importance of presenting the right level of information to senior executives to support more informed decision making around business operations, risk and future strategic initiatives.

 10:45        Are you ready to accelerate legacy modernization and transform your digital user experience?
Are you concerned about meeting customer expectations; without the costs, timescales and risks associated with redevelopment and redeployment? This session looks at the challenges of transforming your business systems (Mainframe, Power) to support the digital world through an effective ECM and modernization strategy.

 11:15       How Enterprise Architecture and Product Portfolio Management can help you transform your organization
Transform your organization by adoption of EA/PPM solutions. This session will demonstrate how EA/PPM is integral to strategic decision making that harnesses the massive amount of unstructured data erupting with new technologies such as big data, video analysis, IBM® Watson® Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT).
 12:00        Lunch
 13:15        Break-out Sessions
 14:30        How to support a successful modernization strategy in your organization (including open discussion / Q&A)
Every established organization that existed before the age of web and mobile faces the challenge of how to modernize their business systems. This session will review the key points discussed throughout the day, including from the separate tracks with a view to helping all attendees relate these to supporting their own modernization objectives.

 15:15        Close of Main Session return to Break-out rooms as noted

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UNICOM Technology Park I & II and Conference Center
15000 Conference Center Drive
Chantilly, Virginia 20151
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This exclusive event is free of charge to invited delegates.

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Break-out sessions

13:15 - 14:15

Performance Management (BREAK-OUT Room 1)

Integrated Performance Management: improving usability and ease of access
In today’s digital economy, the cost of unplanned outages has never been higher. Performance Management is an essential requirement to manage your IT systems effectively. This session will examine some of the latest developments in the mainframe performance management space that can provide a more unified view of your mainframe real estate, but, in an easier to understand format and with a simpler means of accessibility. This session also provides interactive discussion on what challenges you are facing today and how an integrated view of performance management can help you transform your organization.


13:15 - 14:15


ECM is core to solving your modernization challenges - are you?
Are you primed to help your organization embrace the web, mobile and other emerging technologies your users are demanding. Unlocking your IT assets through an effective ECM solution can deliver incredible value to your business. This session will consider new ways of transforming business information to help you deliver a successful digital strategy.

Access, Analyze and Act on Business Content
Your data is one of your most valuable assets. This session will provide you with useful insights in how to transform your business content via data capture, data analytics and actions that will help accelerate your business processes and reduce overall operational costs.


13:15 - 14:15

Enterprise Architecture / Product Portfolio Management (BREAK-OUT Room 3)

Voice of the Customer
Come learn what’s new in recent releases & participate in Roadmap discussions, talk to SA development and product management, and tell us what are your top priorities for improvements to the System Architect product suite.

Break at 14:15 to main auditorium


15:15 - 16:15

Continued discussion on road map including the new Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) discussions.


13:15 - 14:15

Power and Open Power (Auditorium)

The Cognitive Era is now: IBM Watson and Power Systems
You’ll be amazed at what cognitive solutions can achieve on IBM Power Systems. This session demonstrates how Watson + Power + your data = game changing insights.

Deep dive into Power and OpenPOWER
The power of Power is investigated. This session demonstrates innovation from the OpenPOWER Foundation, and how you can have a solution purpose-built. Gain insight into the power of Power and OpenPOWER.