Modernize your mainframe applications


Without changing a


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UNICOM® Universal Gateway (UniGW®) can help you meet your modernization challenges, accelerate digital transformation and create a fresh, new environment for users to work with their applications, all without changing a single line of code.


At the heart of the solution is a secure web gateway to access all enterprise applications running on your mainframe and other platforms.


With integrated artificial intelligence, UniGW® makes it easy to explore your entire systems landscape, diagnose problems, personalize your working environment and generate valuable management information.




Instant web & mobile enablement
Modernize mainframe access

Traditional 'green screen' mainframe interfaces no longer need hold your business back. Integrated session management delivers instant web and mobile access to your 3270 mainframe and IBM i applications, using a touchscreen or mouse.

UniGW® allows you to completely update the appearance of your mainframe applications without changing the underlying applications. And you can quickly add new features to enhance the user experience.



Transform user interfaces
Attract the next generation

UniGW® has a rich graphical web interface, with personalized views to meet the needs of every user, from the CIO to the systems specialist. New recruits will find that a lack of technical experience is no barrier to working with the mainframe. They will appreciate the intuitive navigation, with guided drill-down to assist learning, information discovery and problem diagnosis.



AI-assisted dashboards
Unlock business insights

UniGW® is designed to leverage emerging technologies to support digital transformation and deliver actionable insights from your business data. That could involve aggregating real-time systems information from across the enterprise for data-driven decision making. Or using an artificial intelligence assisted chatbot to learn how to identify and resolve problems faster. Or using analytics to predict future trends from your historical data.



multi-factor authentication
Strengthen security

It is fast and simple to upgrade mainframe security by implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA), a feature of UniGW®’s integrated session manager. As user access to all mainframe applications is controlled centrally through a single sign-on, MFA can be managed in just one place rather than implementing it on each individual application, which saves time and effort and improves user experience.

Mainframe modernization just got easier



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