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UNICOM® Systems, Inc. Releases
Focal Point™ 7.4.2

MISSION HILLS, CA - December 1, 2020 - UNICOM® Systems Inc. has announced the release of Focal Point™ version 7.4.2. Focal Point is a comprehensive portfolio planning solution that market-driven teams can use to make collaborative, objective decisions to deliver products, projects and services offering the highest customer and business value. Focal Point reduces the complexity of managing information from various sources such as emails, documents and spreadsheets and provides a collaborative centralized environment for requirements, products and project data.

Focal Point 7.4.2 - What's new in this release?
Focal Point version 7.4.2 introduces key functionality and usability improvements for Agile project management, reporting and visualizing data.

Take a look at some of the major enhancements in this release.
Dashboard Enhancements
The dashboard functionality enhancements include the following:
•  A new dashboard widget to display the real time individual project status as a gauge chart. The gauge chart uses the thresholds and color codes defined in an indicator attribute to provide a real time estimate of the project status.


•  A new dashboard API to export the contents of the tabs of a user's dashboard to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. All major dashboard widgets are supported.
Enhanced View Visualization Capabilities
Attribute statistics and parallel coordinate views are greatly enhanced as follows:
•  The attribute statistics charts are rendered with the latest libraries to enhance usability.


•  Users can zoom into the charts by dynamically changing the value axis scale or maximize the charts as display overlays. They can also download the charts as .png images.


•  The parallel coordinates view now supports drag and drop of the axes to change the order and the space between them. The options for grouping and sorting of the elements are now provided as context menus for each axis.


•  The parallel coordinates view now supports the tracing of links originating from an element by using the right mouse click.
Kanban Layout of Elements
The attribute statistics view can be used to display a Kanban layout of elements based on a choice attribute. This layout can be displayed on the dashboard tabs as well. Additionally:
•  The attributes to be displayed on each card, representing an element can be configured using the menu option provided.


•  The Kanban board can be split horizontally into different sections by specifying a row attribute. It is also possible to define Kanban columns by grouping the choice states into category groups.


•  The drag and drop of the cards can be used to rearrange the cards across the board.
Speech Recognition
The speech recognition feature in Focal Point version 7.4.2 allows users to work with Focal Point using voice commands. This feature will be available on the element creation and attribute edit pages supported on the Chrome browser over secure url (https). In order to use this feature, it needs to be enabled on the workspace configuration page.
•  The following UI pages support speech recognition - 'Edit All Attributes', 'Create Element', 'Create Element From' and 'Add to Other'.


•  Voice commands provide the ability to open/close the sections in the attribute list page, move the focus forward or backward across the attributes, read the value of attributes, set or clear attribute values and save/terminate the current operation.
Revamped Advanced Search
The revamped advanced search provides functionality and usability enhancements. Some of the functionality enhancements include:
•  The ability to perform a full search across the entire workspace.


•  The ability to limit the search to a selected set of attributes or to title/prefix attributes alone.


•  The ability to visualize search results as a view display, where it is possible to perform further filtering/grouping/sorting of data.
Miscellaneous Functionality Enhancements
Focal Point version 7.4.2 provides the following miscellaneous enhancements::
•  The ability to use an indicator attribute as a "group by" attribute in the tree view.


•  A notification feature to upload the content of a view to a FTP server. This can also be scheduled to run at specific time intervals.


•  Permission to manage shared filters is now separated from the permission to manage global filters.


•  The ability to sort the files in file attributes using the meta data of individual files.


•  The ability to use the MatrixWriter business rule with incoming links on views.


•  The ability to use the "Lock expression" setting on matrix attributes to prevent the editing of matrix cells during the excel import.


•  Added support to RHEL 8 as the application server and Oracle 19c the application database.

Focal Point, along with System Architect®, is a key player in the Enterprise Architecture and Product Portfolio Management domains, helping customers make strategic decisions at the enterprise level and provide increased business value at delivery. Additionally, UNICOM has the Universal Gateway (UniGW®), a management dashboard designed to provide real-time views into operational business performance that will complement Focal Point. This approach enables strategic decision making and correlates the massive amount of data erupting from new technologies such as big data, video analysis and IoT.

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