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UNICOM® Systems, Inc. Releases Focal Point™ 7.2.2

UNICOM® Systems, Inc. announces the release of Focal Point™ version 7.2.2. Focal Point is a comprehensive portfolio planning solution that market-driven teams can use to make collaborative, objective decisions to deliver products, projects and services offering the highest customer and business value. Focal Point reduces the complexity of managing information from various sources such as emails, documents and spreadsheets and provides a collaborative centralized environment for requirements, products and project data.

Focal Point version 7.2.2 introduces a new rank attribute that provides great value to agile practitioners who use Focal Point to maintain and prioritize product and release backlogs. Ranks are a subtype of integer attributes and maintain unique values for all elements in a module through their self-adjusting nature.

Focal Point version 7.2.2 has improved visualization capabilities that help users make quicker data driven decisions for portfolio and product management. These capabilities include the ability to display attribute compilation data using bubble charts, the ability to create custom HTML reports in views and home pages using XSL transformation of REST-XML data and a new relational graph built on top of the D3 JavaScript library.

Focal Point version 7.2.2 has additional capabilities to identify and protect personally identifiable information (PII). A new setting provides administrators the ability to mark any attribute that holds sensitive personal information as PII. Select information stored for user management is considered as PII by default. These changes ensure PII information is not included in logs, mails, reports and exports.

Focal Point along with System Architect® is a key player in the Enterprise Architecture and Product Portfolio Management domains, helping customers make strategic decisions at the enterprise level and provides increased business value at delivery.

UNICOM Global is a development-centered organization founded in Los Angeles in 1981 by Corry Hong, an Assembler programmer and architect who built the successful AUTOMON® product, based on IBM CICS® technology. UNICOM Global is a strategic partner of IBM, with whom it has transacted over 13 enterprise software transactions, including UNICOM Intelligence (the market survey and analysis suite formerly known as SPSS Data Collection), UNICOM Finance (formerly Cognos® Finance), PurifyPlus™ (for Application run-time analysis), solidDB® (featuring one of the fastest in-memory databases in the world), and UNICOM Multichannel Banking Transformation Toolkit (BTT) (formerly an IBM WebSphere® product supporting rapid multi-channel application development for the banking industry).

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